The HELLFIRE is a versatile and dynamic low to medium gain overdrive. This overdrive is the further development of the HELLDRIVE and comes with additional features like the parametric mid control.

You can get a wide range of different sounds only by your playing technique and it keeps the character of your instruments alive. The gain reaches from low to medium overdriven sounds. The overall sound and gain structure is always a bit rough with lots of mids like typical british sounding amplifiers.

Thanks to the powerful 3-band equalizer with parametric mid control it's easily possible to adapt the sound of the HELLFIRE to your own needs and equipment.

The mid-frequency range is the key element in your guitar sound. So we decided to come up with a toggle switch which allows you to choose between different center frequencies to cut/boost with the MIDDLE knob.


209 EUR (RRP incl. VAT 19%)


User Manual


controls the amount of distortion, low to medium gain

3-band equalizer with parametric mid control to cut/boost the frequencies,
MIDDLE knob with neutral middle setting,
equalizer in combination with the MIDS switch is a very powerful tool

controls the overall volume

sets the center mid frequency:
right = 1500 Hz, middle = 500 Hz, left = 2150 Hz

Technical Characteristics

Supply Voltage 9-18V DC
Current Draw 25mA @ 9V
Controls Gain, Bass, Middle, Treble, Level
Switches On/Off (True Bypass), Mids
Jacks Input, Output, 9-18V DC
Indicator LED 5mm red, ultrabright
Dimensions ca. 110 x 60 x 50 mm
Weight ca. 230 g



No soundfiles available.