The TACKLEBERRY is a preamp particular designed for use with bass guitars and amplifiers. It is based around the boost circuit from a legendary 80's bass head and is able to deliver one of the most sought after bass sounds with that extra heavy thickness, punch and growl.

The original concept was quite simple: Only one single knob to control the input signal which then feeds the JFET gain stage. We refinded this concept and added a second knob to set the desired output level. This way the TACKLEBERRY is much more versatile since you are now able to crank the gain knob while having the output set to moderate volume levels. Further we integrated a switch to choose between different input high pass filter options and which allows you to roll off the bass frequencies when needed. Last but not least there is a second switch for all the people who love to use the TACKLEBERRY as their dirt machine. When enabling one of the clipping options, the processed signal is getting clipped at higher gain levels and adds wonderful harmonics and distortion to your bass sound - just give it a try!

Altough you can of course integrate the TACKLEBERRY into your setup as you like, the original circuit was primarily designed to push and overdrive the power amplifier. Due to its ultra high headroom the TACKLEBERRY stays almost clean if you put it just next after your bass guitar‘s output and simply adds some nice harmonic content to your signal. This placement makes it the perfect choice for your always-on pedal if you simply want to add that extra kind of magic to your bass sound. Stack the TACKLEBERRY with other pedals for heavy distortion and fuzz orgies or put it in the FX loop of your amplifier to directly push the power stage. There are so many options - be creative and get inspired!


175 EUR incl. VAT 19%


User Manual


designed like a gain control this is just at the beginning of the circuit, rotate clockwise for an overall more saturated sound (interacts with the level control!)

overall volume control (like a master volume) right at the end of the circuit, up to 23 dB of boost

low cut filter with selectable cut-off frequency:
210 Hz (less), 150 Hz (med), 75 Hz (full)

3 clipping options:
no clipping (off), symmetrical LEDs and/or silicon diodes (sym), asymmetrical MOSFETs/silicon diode (asym)

Technical Characteristics

Supply Voltage 9V DC
Current Draw <30mA
Controls Gain, Level
Switches On/Off (True Bypass), Bass, Clipping
Jacks Input, Output, 9V DC
Indicator LED 5mm white, ultrabright
Dimensions ca. 125 x 65 x 60 mm
Weight ca. 260 g



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