WEEHBO was formed in 2008 by me, Eike Hintzen. These days, it‘s a one-man company and I do everything on my own. My pedals are hand-built with greatest care and only high-quality parts.

It‘s important for me that my pedals are very versatile on the one hand and that they have a unique sound that is comparable to tube amplifiers on the other. I‘ve spend much time developing and comparing different circuits to tune them to the maximum.

Furthermore, I‘ve put many very usable and unique features like the DYNAMIC & MID FREQ switches or switchable gain voicings into the boxes to offer greatest flexibility and best value for money.

Each pedal delivers a wide range of sound - explore the possibilities now!




"Mr. Sexy! Dumblecaster"

by Peter Baumkötter



"Joe's JVM Jam"

by Peter Baumkötter



"Aliens ate my JTM!"

by Peter Baumkötter




Please register your pedal to get access to my full service. It is easier to get your pedal serviced in the event of damage if the pedal is registered.
To register your pedal, you can simply email your name, contact details, purchase date and retailer details along with the pedal serial number to: register@weehbo.com

WEEHBO pedals carry a three (3) year warranty to the original purchaser that covers all repairs due to manufacturer error (defects in material and workmanship). It does not cover any damage due to user mishandling, accident, neglect, disaster, abuse, negligence, improper shipping and handling.

If a defect occurs, the owner should contact WEEHBO directly for all repairs:

Phone +49 511 - 373 586 62

Any work or modification done by anyone other than WEEHBO voids the warranty.

A dated sales receipt will establish coverage under this warranty and the owner will be asked to provide a copy of the sales receipt.
All shipping costs are the responsibility of the owner.


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